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Negara: the theatre state in nineteenth-century Bali. Princeton/N.J./USA 1980: Princeton University Press (XII, 295 p.). 

(Bauman, Zygmunt; Engels, Friedrich; Geertz, Clifford; Leontiev, Alexej N.; Marcarian, Eduardo S.)
Papel da cultura nas ciências sociais. Porto-Allegre/BRA: Editóra Vílla Martha (114 p.; coleção "Rosa.dos.ventos", vol. 3); contains by Geertz "Transição para humanidade", pp. 21-36; = reprint of  66Tpor1; trad./ traduÁ“o: Messias, NuÒo).

Articles & Book chapters


Organization of the Balinese Subak, in: Coward, Elisha Walter Jr. (ed.): Irrigation and agricultural development in Asia. Perspectives from the Social Science. Ithaca/N.Y./USA: Cornell University Press, pp. 70-90 (= excerpt from 67Reng4 = reprint of 64Aeng4).

Blurred Genres: the refiguration of social thought, in: The American Scholar (Washington/D.C./USA: United Chapters of Phi Beta Kappa), vol. 49 no. 2 (1980), pp. 165-179. 

Ports of trade in Nineteenth-Century Bali, in: Dalton, George (ed.): Research in Economic Anthropology (Greenwich/Ct./USA: JAI Press), vol. 3 (1980), pp. 109-122 (= revised version of 63Beng1, chapter 4)


Book review, in: Journal of Southeast Asian Studies (Singapore/SIN: McGraw-Hill Far East), vol. 11 no. 2 (1980), pp. 436-438 (on: Ellen, Roy Frank: "Nuaulu settlement and ecology: an approach to the environmental relations of an eastern Indonesian community", Den-Haag/NED 1978: Martinus Nijhoff , = Verhandelingen van het Koninklijk Instituut voor Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde, no. 83).


Book review, in: The New Republic (New York/N.Y./USA: The New Republic Pub. Co.), vol. 182 no. 15 (April 12, 1980), pp. 9-31 (on: Shattuck, Roger: "The forbidden experiment: the story of the wild boy of Aveyron", New-York/N.Y./USA 1980: Farrar Straus Giroux).


Sociosexology, in: The New York Review of Books (New York/N.Y./USA: A. W. Ellsworth, etc.), vol. 27 no. 1 (January 24, 1980), pp. ? (= Book review on: Symons, Donald: "The evolution of human sexuality", Oxford/UK etc. 1979: Oxford University Press).

Sex and sociobiology, in: The New York Review of Books (New York/N.Y./USA: A. W. Ellsworth, etc.), vol. 27 no. 5 (April 3, 1980), p. 45 (a reply to the letter ÑSociosexologyì, by Degler, Carl N.; referring to 80Aeng6). 

A wary reasoning: humanities and social theory, in: Halcyon: a journal of the humanities (Reno/Nv./USA: Nevada Humanities Committee & University of Nevada Press), vol. 2 no. 1 (1980), pp. 1-18.


Interviews, oral and audiovisual communications


Balancing subjectivity and objectivity in anthropology (Interview with Carol Ann ("Bunny") McBride), in: McBride, Carol Ann: A sense of proportion. Balancing subjectivity and objectivity in anthropology. Master's Essay, Graduate Department of Anthropology, Columbia University, New York, August 1980, pp. ?.


Acceptance speech (Honorary degree in Humane Letters, Bates College, 1980), at: Bates College (Lewiston/Mn./USA), College of Arts and Sciences (Anthropology Department), spring 1980 (papers & audio recording available at the Bates College Archives (Edmund S. Muskie Archives): University records archive - on request only).



Jeu d’enfer: notes sur le combat de coqs balinais, in: Le débat (Paris/FRA: Gallimard), vol. ? no. 7 (Décembre 1980), pp. 86-146 (= translation of 72Aeng1; trad.: Švrard, Louis).


LÉtat à Bali, Paris/FRA 1980: Gallimard (= translation of 80Beng1 ?; trad.: ?).

La religión en Java: conflicto e integración, in: Robertson, Roland (ed.): Sociología de la religión. México-City/D.F./MEX 1980: Fondo de Cultura Económica, pp. ? (= translation of 71Reng2; trad./ traducción: Suárez, Eduardo L./ Pineda, Marcela).



Agricultural Involution, in: Evers, Hans-Dieter (ed.): Sociology of Southeast Asia. Readings on social change and developmant, Kuala Lumpur/MAL & New York/N.Y./USA: Oxford University Press (=Oxford in Asia University Readings, vol. 1; pp. 200-208; = partial reprint of 63Beng1, chapter 1).


Tihingan: Sebuah Desa di Bali, in Koentjaraningrat, Raden Mas (ed.): Masyarakat Desa di Indonesia, Jakarta/Jawa/IND 1980: Lembaga Penerbit Fakultas Ekonomi Universitas Indonesia, pp. 246-274 (= reprint of 65Tind1; trad./ Koentjaraningrat, Raden Mas).




Articles & Book chapters


Commentary on Professor Tu’s paper, in: Philosophy East & West (Honolulu/Hi./USA: University Press of Hawaii), vol. 31 no. 3 (1981), pp. 269-272 (on: Tu, Wei-Ming: "The ëmoral universalí from the perspectives of East Asian thought", in: Philosophy East & West etc., pp. 259-268; 



Abangan, santri, priyayi dalam masyarakat Jawa ("The religion of Java", Indonesian). Jakarta/Jawa/IND 1981: Pustaka Jaya (XXII, 551 p. (Seri pusta ka sarjana ; no. 4); disunting oleh Bur Rasuanto; kata pengantar oleh Parsudi Suparlan; komentar oleh Harsja W. Bachtiar; = complete translation of 60Beng1; trad./ diterjemahkan oleh: Aswab Mahasin).



Deep play: notes on the Balinese cockfight, in: Hart, Mabel Marie/ Birrell, Susan (eds.): Sport in the sociocultural process. 3rd, enlarged edition. Dubuque/Ia./USA 1981: W.C. Brown Pub., pp. ? (=reprint of 72Aeng1).




Articles & Book chapters


The way we think now: toward an ethnography of modern thought, in: Bulletin of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (Boston/Ma./USA: American Academy of Arts and Sciences), vol. 35 no. 5 (1982), pp. 14-34 (for the previous version see 76Weng1; note: "given as bicentennial address to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences"). 

Foreword, in: Pelzer, Karl Josef: Planters against peasants: the agrarian struggle in East Sumatra 1947-1958. síGravenhage/NED 1982: Martinus Nijhoff (= "Verhandelingen van het Koninklijk Instituut voor Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde", vol. 97), pp. VII-XII.


Book review, in: American Ethnologist (Washington/D.C./USA: American Ethnological Society), vol. 9 no. 3 (1982), pp. 583-584 (on: Sahlins, Marshall D.: "Historical metaphors and mythical realities: structure in the early history of the Sandwich Islands kingdom", Ann-Arbor/Mi./USA 1981: University of Michigan Press; = Association for the Study of Anthropology in Oceania, special publication no. 1).

Conjuring with Islam, in: The New York Review of Books (New York/N.Y./USA: A. W. Ellsworth, etc.), vol. 29 no. 9 (May 27, 1982), pp. 25-28 (= Book review essay on: (1) Gellner, Ernest: "Muslim society", Cambridge/UK etc. 1981: Cambridge University Press; (2) Mottahedeh, Roy P.: "Loyalty and leadership in an early Islamic society", Princeton/N.J./USA etc. 1980: Princeton University Press; (3) Smith, Wilfred Cantwell: "On understanding Islam: selected studies", Den-Haag/NED etc. 1981: Mouton; (4) Algar, Hamid (translation and annotation): "Islam and revolution: writings and declarations of Imam Khomeini", Berkeley/Ca./USA 1981: Mizan Press; (5) Swartz, Merlin L. (translated and edited): "Studies on Islam", Oxford/UK etc. 1981: Oxford University Press; (6) Said, Edward W.: "Covering Islam: how the media and the experts determine how we see the rest of the world", London/UK etc. 1981: Vintage; (7) Kedourie, Elie: "Islam in the modern world and other studies", New-York/N.Y./USA 1981: Holt, Rinehart and Winston).

Reply to: understanding Islam, by Elie Kedourie, in: The New York Review of Books (New York/N.Y./USA: A. W. Ellsworth, etc.), vol. 29 no. 21 (December 2, 1982), p. ? (reply to the author's reaction on 82Aeng4). 

Interviews, Oral and Audiovisual communications



Acceptance speech (Honorary degree in Humane Letters, Knox College,1982), at: Knox College (Galesburg/Ill./USA), College of Arts and Sciences, spring 1982 (papers & audio recording available at the http://catalog.knox.edu/archives/series_intro.html; Special collections and archives: University records archive - on request only).



Islam yang saya amati: perkembangan di Maroko dan Indonesia. Jakarta/Jawa/IND 1982: Yayasan Ilmu-Ilmu Sosial "Pulsar" (XVI, 149 p.; translation of 68Beng1; trad. & introd./ diterjemahkan & disesuaikan: Basari, Hasan/ Rasnanto, Bur). 



Hakekat pemahaman antropologi: dengan ilustrasi dari Indonesia dan Maroko, in: Koentjaraningrat, Raden Mas/ Emmerson, Donald K. (eds./ disunting oleh): Aspek manusia dalam penelitian masyarakat. Jakarta/Jawa/IND 1982: Penerbitan Gramedia untuk Yayasan Obor Indonesia, pp. 245-263 (= partial reprint of 82Tind1; trad.: Basari, Hasan).






Local knowledge: further essays in interpretive anthropology. New-York/N.Y./USA etc. 1983: Basic Books (VI, 244 p.; contains 74Aeng2, 75Aeng1, 76Aeng1, 77Aeng2, 77Aeng3, 80Aeng2, 82Aeng1, 83Aeng1, 83Aeng2)

Bali: interpretation d'une culture/ 1959-1973/ Essais ethnographiques, Paris/FRA 1983: Gallimard (255 p.; Collection BibliothËque des Sciences humaines; = French translation of 59Aeng1, 64Aeng4, 66Beng1, 72Aeng1, 73Aeng3; trad.: Louis Švrard; Paulme, Denise ).

Dichte Beschreibung: Beiträge zum Verstehen kultureller Systeme. Frankfurt-am-Main/GER: Suhrkamp (319 p.; = partial German translation of 73Beng1, with translations of 74Aeng2, 75Aeng1; trad: Luchesi, Brigitte; Bindemann, Rolf).

Articles & Book chapters


Introduction, chapt. 0 in 83Beng1, pp. 2-16.

Local knowledge: fact and law in comparative perspective, chapt. 8 in 83Beng1, pp. 167-234 (note: "The Storrs lecture at the Yale Law school 1981" (New-Haven/Ct./USA).

Slide show: Evans-Pritchardís African transparencies, in: Raritan: a quarterly review (New Brunswick/N.J./USA: Rutgers University), vol. 2 no. 1 (1983), pp. 62-80. 

Foreword, in: Gesick, Lorraine Marie (ed.): Centers, symbols, and hierarchies: essays on the classical states of Southeast Asia. New-Haven/Ct./USA 1983: Yale University (Southeast Asia Studies, Monograph Series No. 26), pp. VIII-X.

Foreword, in: Lansing, John Stephen: The three worlds of Bali. New-York/N.Y./USA 1983: Frederick A. Praeger Press, pp. VII-X.


(with many others)
Contribution to "Reading for work and pleasure" (note: "Favorite books read by prominent Americans in 1983"), in: The New York Times Book Review (New-York/N.Y./USA: New York Times Co.), vol. 88 no. 49 (December 4, 1983), pp. 11f.

Interviews & Oral & Audiovisual presentations


Notions of primitive thought: dialogue with Clifford Geertz (Interview with Miller, Jonathan), in: Miller, Jonathan (ed.): States of mind: conversations with psychological investigators. London/UK 1983: British Broadcasting Corporation, Television Service; & New-York/N.Y./USA 1983: Pantheon Books, pp. 192-210. 


Works and lives: The anthropologist as author, = The Harry F. Camp Memorial lecture 1983, Stanford/Ca./USA: Stanford University Humanities Center, November 1983 (audio recording available at the center).

Nociones del pensamiento primitivo: diálogo con Clifford Geertz, in: Miller, Jonathan (ed.): Los molinos de la mente. Conversaciones con investigadores en psicologia. México-City/D.F./MEX 1983: Fondo de Cultura Económica, pp. ? (= translation of 83Ieng1; trad.: Everest, Sergio Fernandez).



Thick description: toward an interpretive theory of culture, in: Emerson, Robert M. (ed.): Contemporary field research: a collection of readings. Boston/Ma./USA etc. 1983: Little, Brown & Company, pp. 37-59 (= reprint of 73Aeng1). 

Centers, kings and charisma: reflections on the symbolics of power, in: Gesick, Lorraine Marie / Aung-Thwin, Michael (eds.): Centers, symbols, and hierarchies: essays on the classical states of Southeast Asia. New-Haven/Ct./USA 1983: Yale University Press, pp. ? (= somewhat revised reprint of  77Aeng3).

'From the native's point of view': on the nature of anthropological understanding, in: Freilich, Morris (ed.): The pleasures of anthropology. New York/N.Y./USA 1983: The New American Publ. Co., pp. 58-73 (= reprint of 74Aeng2).

Ritual and social change: a Javanese example, in: Study Centre for New Religious Movements (ed.): [The] Turner collection on religious movements, Wolverhampton/UK 1983: Advance Micrographics (microfilm, 7-07-003 FICHE 046, Asia-South East, Indonesia 3746) (= reprint of 57Aeng2).

The Religion of Java (excerpt), in: Study Centre for New Religious Movements (ed.): [The] Turner collection on religious movements, Wolverhampton/UK 1983: Advance Micrographics (microfilm, 7-07-003, FICHE 047, Asia-South East, Indonesia 3747 3746) (= reprint of 60Beng (excerpt).

The Interpretation of Cultures (excerpt), in: Study Centre for New Religious Movements (ed.): [The] Turner collection on religious movements, Wolverhampton/UK 1983: Advance Micrographics (microfilm, 7-07-003, FICHE 048, Asia-South East, Indonesia 3748) (= reprint of 73Beng; an excerpt only).

Religious change and social order in Soeharto's Indonesia, in: Study Centre for New Religious Movements (ed.): [The] Turner collection on religious movements, Wolverhampton/UK 1983: Advance Micrographics (microfilm, 7-07-003, FICHE 049, Asia-South East, Indonesia 3749) (= reprint of 72Aeng3).

Involusi pertanian: proses perubahan ekologi di Indonesia. Jakarta/Jawa/IND 1983: Bhratara Karya Aksara (diperiksa oleh Krisnandhi, Suleiman; kata pengantar oleh Sajogyo, Saksono H.; XXXIII, 178 p.; note: "Diterbitkan untuk Lembaga Penelitian Sosiologi Pedesaan Institut Pertanian Bogor dan Yayasan Obor, Jakarta"; = translation of 63Beng1; = (revised) reprint of 76Tind1; trad./ diterjemahkan: Supomo, Suryohudoyo).




Articles & Book chapters


Distinguished lecture: anti anti-relativism, in: American Anthropologist (Washington/D.C./USA etc.: American Anthropological Association), vol. 86 no. 2 (1984), pp. 263-278. 

Culture and social change: the Indonesian case, in: Man: the journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland (London/UK: The Royal Anthropological Institute etc.), vol. 19 no. 4 (1984), pp. 511-532. 

Socialism in Sibiria, in: The New Republic (New York/N.Y./USA: The New Republic Pub. Co.), vol. 191 no. 6 (1984), pp. 34f. (= Book review on: Humphrey, Caroline: "The Karl Marx collective", Cambridge/UK etc. 1983: Cambridge University Press). 



Tihingan, sebuah desa di Bali, in: Koentjaraningrat, Raden Mas (ed./ disunting oleh): Masyarakat desa di Indonesia. Jakarta/Jawa/IND 1984: Lembaga Penerbit Fakultas Ekonomi, Universitas Indonesia, pp. 246-277 (= translation of 67Reng4; trad./ diterjemahkan: Koentjaraningrat, Raden Mas).



Religion as a cultural system, in: Dowdy, Thomas E./ McNamara, Patrick Hayes (eds.): Religion: North American style. New-Brunswick/N.J./USA 1984: Rutgers University Press, pp.11-19 (= reprint of  74Reng1; = partial reprint of 66Aeng1).

"From the native's point of view": on the nature of anthropological understanding, in: Shweder, Richard A./ LeVine, Robert A. (eds.): Culture theory: essays on mind, self, and emotion. Cambridge/UK etc. 1984: Cambridge University Press, pp. 123-136 (= somewhat revised and renewed version of 74Aeng2).

Capital intensive agriculture in a peasant society: a case study, in: Social Research: an international quarterly of political and social science (New York/N.Y./USA: New School for Social Research), vol. 51 no. 1-2 (1984), pp. 419-439 (= reprint of  56Aeng2).




Articles & Book chapters


Foreword, in: Eickelman, Dale Floyd: Knowledge and power in Morocco: the education of a twentieth-century notable. Princeton/N.J./USA 1985: Princeton University Press, pp. XI-XIV. 

Waddling in, in: The Times Literary Supplement (London/UK: The Times Newspapers Ltd.), Nr. 4288 (June 7, 1985), pp. 623-624. 

The ultimate ghetto, in: The New York Review of Books (New York/N.Y./USA: A. W. Ellsworth, etc.), vol. 32 no. 3 (February 28, 1985), pp. 14-15 (= Book review on: Udovitch, Abraham L./ Valensi, Lucette: "The last Arab Jews: the communities of Jerba, Tunisia", New-York/N.Y./USA 1984: Harwood Academic Press). 

The religion of Java, in: Ahmad, Ibrahim/ Sharon, Siddique/ Hussain, Yasmin (eds.): Readings on Islam in Southeast Asia. Singapore/SIG 1985: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, pp. 271-277 (= partial reprint of 60Beng1, chapter 0 (= introduction)).


Interviews, Oral & Audiovisual presentations


(with Bersani, Leo/ Davis, Nathalie/ Beaujour, Michel/ Derrida, Jacques/ Veyne, Paul/ 
Said, Edward W./ Searle, John/ Bishop, Tom/ Sennett, Richard)
Homàge to Michel Foucault, conference at: The New York University, New York/N.Y./USA 1985: The Center for French Civilization and Culture (there available as archived audio recording); 

(contribution, with many others)
Morocco: past, present, future. Contribution to the conference by the Wye Plantation (Aspen/Co./USA): (part 1) at Queenstown/Md./USA, together with the Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies, spring 1985; (part 2) at Marrakech/MAR, together with the Moroccan American Foundation, winter 1985.



Vom Hereinstolpern, in: Freibeuter (Berlin/GER: Wagenbach), vol. 25 (1985), pp. 37-41 (= translation of 85Aeng2; trad./ ¸bers.: Rennert, Udo).

(Japanese title not transcribed), ? 1985: ? (ISBN 4845702010; 307 p.; = translation of ?). 



Religion, in: Lehmann, Arthur C./ Myers, James E. (eds.): Magic, witchcraft, and religion: an anthropological study of the supranatural. Palo Alto/Ca./USA etc.1985: Mayfield Publishing Company, pp. 6-15 (= partial reprint of 66Aeng1). 

Centers, kings and charisma: reflections on the symbolics of power, in: Wilentz, Sean (ed.): Rites of power: symbolism, ritual and politics since the Middle Ages. Philadelphia/Pa./USA 1985: University of Pennsylvania Press, pp. 13-38 (= reprint of  77Aeng3).

A gamy view of life, in: The New York Times (New York/N.Y./USA: H. J. Raymond Co. for the New York Times Company), vol. 90 no. ? (March 10, 1985), p. 43 (= excerpt from 83Beng1).



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Religion as a cultural system: extract, in: Bocock, Robert/ Thompson, Kenneth (eds.): Religion and ideology. A reader, Manchester/UK 1985: Manchester University Press in association with the Open University, pp. ? (= reprint of 66Aeng1).




Articles & Book chapters


The uses of diversity and the future of ethnocentrism, in: Michigan Quarterly Review (Ann-Arbor/Mi./USA: University of Michigan), vol. 25 no. 1 (1986), pp. 105-123 (note: = "The Tanner Lecture on Human Values 1986", University of Michichan). 

Epilogue: making experiences, authoring selves, in: Turner, Victor Witter/ Bruner, Edward M. (eds.): The anthropology of experience. Urbana/Il./USA 1986: University of Illinois Press, pp. 373-380.

Working papers & Collaborations


Seminar talk, at: Institute for Advanced Studies, Princeton/N.J./USA, lectures fall 1986 (to be found in: The personal archive of Tibi, Bassam, University of Göttingen/BRD; cited in his afterword to the German edition of "Islam observed", in 88Tger1).





Modjokuto: dinamika sosial sebuah kota di Jawa. Jakarta/Jawa/IND 1986: Grafiti Pers (XVIII, 182 p.; disunting dan diberi kata pengantar oleh Amri Marzali; = translation of 65Beng1; trad./ diterjemahkan oleh: Marzali, Amri).


Savoir local, savoir global: les lieux du savoir. Paris/FRA 1986: Presses universitaires de France (293 p.; = translation of 83Beng1 "Local knowledge"; trad.: Paulme, Denise).

Diapositives anthropologiques, in: Communications (Paris/FRA: Éd. Seuil), no. 43 (1986: no. special "Croisement des cultures"), pp. 71-90 (= translation of 83Aeng3; trad.:
Lemoine, Daniel). 

El reconocimiento de la antropología, in: Cuadernos del Norte (Oviedo/SPA: Caja de Ahorros de Asturias), vol. 7 no. 35 (1986), pp. 59-63 (= translation of 85Aeng2; trad./ traducciòn: ?).





Blurred genres: the refiguration of social thought, in: Adams, Hazard/ Searle, Leroy  (eds.): Critical theory since 1965. Tallahassee/Fl./USA 1986: Florida State University Press, pp. 513-523 (= reprint of  80Aeng2).

The uses of diversity, in: McMurrin, Sterling M. (ed.): The Tanner lectures on human values, vol. 7. Salt-Lake-City/Ut./USA 1986: University of Utah Press, pp. 253-275 (= reprint of 86Aeng1).




Articles & Book chapters


Book review, in: American Ethnologist (Washington/D.C./USA: American Ethnological Society), vol. 14 no. 3 (1987), pp. 567-568 (on: Abu-Lughod, Lila: "Veiled sentiments: honor and poetry in a Bedouin society", Berkeley/Ca./USA 1986: University of California Press).

The anthropologist at large, in: The New Republic (New-York/N.Y.: The New Republic Pub. Co.), vol. 196 no. 21 (1987), pp. 34-37 (= Book review on: Douglas, Mary Tew: "How institutions think", Syracuse/N.Y./USA 1986: Syracuse University Press). 

(letter, with Becker, Alton Lewis; Lev, Daniel S.)
Detentions in Malaysia harm its stability, in: The New York Times (New-York/N.Y./USA: H. J. Raymond & Co. for the New York Times Company), no.137 (May ?, 1987), p. 18.



Interpretazione di culture. Bologna/ITA: Societá editrice il Mulino spa. (447 p.; = partial translation of 73Beng1; trad.: Bona, Eleonora ).

'Thick description': verso una teoria interpretativa della cultura, in: Aut-Aut: rivista di filosofia e di cultura (Milano/ITA: La Nuova Italia), no. 217 (1987), pp. 151-176 (= translation of 73Aeng1).


La interpretación de las culturas. Barcelona/SPA & México City/DF/MX. 1987: Gedisa (387 p.; = translation of 73Beng1; trad.: Bixio, Alberto Luis; ed. & introd.: Reynoso, Carlos G.).

Bunka no kaishiyaku gaku 1 & 2.
文化の/ 解釈学, Tokyo/JAP 1987: Iwanami Gendai Senshiyo Shoten (324 + 466 p.; 2 vols.; = translation of 73Beng1; trad. Teigo Yoshida, ed. & introd. Keiichi Yanagawa).



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Works and lives: the anthropologist as author. Stanford/Ca./USA 1988: Stanford University Press & Cambridge/UK 1988: Polity press (VI, 157 p. (note: = (in part: chapter 1, see 83Ieng2) "The Harry F. Camp memorial lecture at Stanford University", 1983)).

Articles & Book chapters


Commentary on a citation classic: the interpretation of cultures, in: Current Contents: social & behavioral sciences (Philadelphia/Pa./USA: Institute for Scientific Information), vol. 33 no. 14 (August 15, 1988), p. 14.

Book review, in: Harvard University Press (Cambridge/Mass./USA), online only: http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog/CLIPRE.html (on: Clifford, James: The Predicament of Culture. Twentieth-Century Ethnography, Literature, and Art, Cambridge, Mass./USA : Harvard University Press, 1988).

Interviews, Oral & Audiovisual presentations


Recollections of an itinerant career (interview with Mackie, Jamie/ Booth, Anne), in: Bulletin of Indonesian economic studies (Canberra/NSW/AUS: Dept. of Economics, Research School of Pacific Studies, Australian National University), vol. 24 no. 3 (1988), pp. 1-18.



Religiöse Entwicklungen im Islam: beobachtet in Marokko und Indonesien; mit einem Essay von Bassam Tibi. Frankfurt-am-Main/GER 1988: Suhrkamp (205 p.; paperback edition 1991; = translation of 68Beng1; trad.: Brigitte Luchesi).

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A kultúra fogalmának hatása az ember fogalmára, in: Kulturális közlemények (Budapest/HUN: Jelenkor Kiádo), no. 4 (1988), pp. 67-75 (= translation of ?; trad./ ford.: ?).





Saying something of something, in: Methodological workbook, prepared for the SSRC/ACLS Joint Committee on Southeast Asia, Indochina Studies Program. Ithaca/N.Y./USA: Cornell University (pp. ?; = partial reprint (last part) of 72Aeng1).


Being there, writing here, in: Harper's Magazine (New York/N.Y./USA: Harper's Magazine Foundation), no. 276 (= no. 1654) (March 1988), pp. 32-35 (= preprint excerpt (from chapter 1) from 88Beng1).

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Articles & Book chapters


Toutes directions: reading the signs in an urban sprawl, in: International Journal of Middle East Studies (London/UK: Cambridge University Press), vol. 21 no. 3 (1989), pp. 291-306. 

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