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Clifford Geertz: Local Knowledge (1983)
(= HyperGeertz-83Beng1).


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(0) "Introduction", pp. 3-16 (= new contribution: 83Aeng1).
(1) "Blurred Genres: the refiguration of social thought", pp. 19-35 (80Aeng2).
(2) "Found in translation: on the social history of the moral imagination", pp. 36-54 (77Aeng2).
(3) "'From the native's point of view': on the nature of anthropological understanding", pp. 55-70 (74Aeng2).
(4) "Common sense as a cultural system", pp. 73-93 (75Aeng1).
(5) "Art as a cultural system", pp. 94-120 (76Aeng1).
(6) "Centers, kings and charisma: reflections on the symbolics of power", pp. 121-146 (77Aeng3).
(7) "The way we think now: toward an ethnography of modern thought", pp. 147-163 (82Aeng1).
(8) "Local knowledge: fact and law in comparative perspective", pp. 167-234 (= new contribution: 83Aeng2).