The anthropologist at large 

(Review by Clifford Geertz 
n Mary Douglas' book "How institutions think")


The New Republic v. 196 (May 25 1987) p. 34




"{This book contains} one undeveloped comment after another, on assorted topics from the shortcomings of rational choice theory or neuro-psychological studies on forgetting to the virtues of cybernetics or sociological functionalism. . . . Having written a number of extremely imaginative empirical studies of the relations between what people think and how they live, and now a lively, suggestive, but oddly distracted after-the-fact 'introduction' to the entire question of thought and social structure, one hopes that Douglas will finally proceed to close in on the problems of the Durkheimian project in some sustained, explicit, and head-on way. But her method in this book leaves the project about where she found it: drifting. Remarks, as Gertrude Stein remarked, are not literature."



source: Sociological Abstracts Inc. (paper version)


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