HyperGeertz: Chinese pirate copies and actions

This file is part of HyperGeertz©WorldCatalogue(HTM)* and contains informations on the recent illegal pirate copies distributed by a Chinese website.

* HyperGeertz is a protected Hypertext-Trademark (HTM) by Austrian law (UrhRG 1936 idgF 2006, Par. 21 & 24 iVm 40a).

This file contains:

ATTENTION ! An erroneous, outdated, illegal and pirate copy of HyperGeertz(HTM) is circulating in the web, distributed by http://www.visualanthropology.com.cn; this illegal pirate copy contains no reference to HyperGeertz(HTM) at all, and lacks the essential and characteristic direct cross-references and additional informations. This complete pirate copy is camouflaged by cutting and recombining the 6 original HyperGeertz core-documentations (arranged by decade/year) it into three new pirate files. See the following files:

Illegal full text copies using HyperGeertz-Text items

Additionally, all the numerous full text items by Clifford Geertz, which within HyperGeertz(HTM) are fully and correctly related to all original online sources (and therefore legal as "fair-use-copies" by Austrian law), have been copied illegally (= without any reference to
HyperGeertz(HTM) as directly used online source, and not naming or not quoting correctly all necessary other relevant online sources or their conditions of use).

Misusing Wikipedia to hide the pirate actions

Furthermore our Chinese friends (mis-)used Wikipedia to hide this piratery. First they removed the previously existant entry of HyperGeertz(HTM) as part of the "weblinks"-section in the main entry http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clifford_Geertz (f.e., but also in all other language files within Wikipedia). Then they blocked any revision of this removement by faking HyperGeertz(HTM) as spam-source (they started spam mailing using our web- and email accounts as origin, which is an easy trick within the spamming scene).

They could not erase HyperGeertz(HTM) completey; it is within the Wikipedia-universe still mentioned in: http://www.communitywiki.org/odd/Ethno/CliffordGeertz; or http://de.wikibooks.org/wiki/Soziologische_Klassiker/_Geertz,_Clifford; and some other derived pages.

Responsible People and Organisation

This web site is produced by "Jiao zhan-yu" (where is this association residing, and who is personally responsible ??). Everthing is hided: to contact a person of the team, you have to write to: info@visualanthropology.com.cn; or if you want to make a contribution: web@visualanthropology.com.cn.

The main responsible person seems to be somebody nick-named "Adam", see adamjzy@yahoo.com.cn.

Here the international problem is visible, that on a worldwide level somebody responsible for a website is not obliged to reveal a physical name and address as "impressum", as now obligatory within the European Union or the USA. So our Chinese friends can hide behind their site-name, mail-addresses and IP-address. By the IP-address anybody could be revealed via the internet-provider. But how can we force a provider in China to reveal its users ? There is no way at the moment.

So we urge "Adam" to out him- or herself. It is very cowardly not to take responsibility.