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A comprehensive, contextual and referential 
bibliography and mediagraphy
of all works and public statements  
by Clifford Geertz


This all-inclusive and comprehensive documentation includes (or tries to include) - in addition to the strictly scientific documentation at the IAS - all material by Clifford Geertz open to the public: working drafts and unpublished materials (if held by a public library/institution), translations and reprints, interviews and letters, publications in newspapers and non-scientific magazines, audio- and video-material, and full text items in the web. It is based upon extensive online searching (social sciences, arts and humanities, business, human ecology data bases, all internet search tools) as well as conventional searching (full text examination of most of the listed works by Clifford Geertz and of many publications citing him). The starting point was our bibliography "Twelve languages, Seven disciplines, Five continents: a comprehensive bibliography of Clifford Geertz" in our book "Symbolische Anthropologie der Moderne. Kulturanalysen nach Clifford Geertz" ("Symbolic anthropology of modernity: analyses of culture after Clifford Geertz"), now enlarged and brought up to date. We wish to thank the publisher (Campus) for the allowance to use the original material. 


The great advantage of this bibliography is therefore:


Operating instructions


Each entry has a characteristic identification, composed of the following elements:
(1) year of publication + (2) category of publication + (3) language of publication + (4) successive number.

The year is indicated by two digits (decade and year).
The categories are indicated by a capital letter:

The language code has three small letters and should be self-explaining.

An example for our method of identification:
73-A-eng-3  = an article published 1973 in English with the successive number 3 (= there are at least 2 more articles 1973 in English); the identification tag is used without the explanatory dashes above.

In addition to this material made public in print or by other means of publication and distribution, further material by and/or on Clifford Geertz can be found in archives and scientific collections. We tried to list such material, too, if listed in a public table of contents etc. by the holding institution. It can be found at the end of this bibliography as appendix, characterized by the identificator "AM" (Archive material).

Finally a (incomplete) list of theses supervised by Clifford Geertz has been added, and his memberships in editorial or advisory boards at journals or scientific organisations are listed (also incompletely).


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