The wet and the dry: traditional irrigation in Bali and Morocco, 
in: Human Ecology (New-York/N.Y./USA: Plenum Publ. Corp.), vol. 1 no. 1 (1973), pp. 23-39

(by Clifford Geertz)


The comparative perspective is of central importance to effective analysis in human ecology. This paper compares "traditional" irrigation systems in 2 quite disparate settings: east central Morocco & southeastern Bali. Bali, which has a tropical climate & a plentiful water supply displays a highly collective approach to the org of irrigation facilities. Morocco, which is essentially an arid country, displays, on the contrary, a much more individual, property-based approach to water regulation. The internal org of these 2 regimes is described & their connection with more general cultural & ecological factors is traced, in an attempt to demonstrate that patterns of adaptation are susceptible to the same pattern of analysis as other aspects of soc & cultural life. The contrast between the strongly group-oriented Balinese approach to water control & distribution & the highly individualistic Moroccan one is said to extend in an overall way to the 2 societies as a whole.
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source: Sociological Abstracts Inc. (paper version)


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