De Bali al posmodernismo: una entrevista con Clifford Geertz (Hirsch, Silvia M./ Wright, Pablo G., interviewers), in: Alteridades. Revista de Antropologia, vol. 3 no. 5 (1993), pp. 119-126.




In an interview, anthropologist Clifford Geertz focuses on his intellectual background, his ideas on the role of fieldwork in anthropology, the critiques of his work, & the future of anthropology. While postmodernism has had a great impact on anthropology through the formulation of new questions & problems, its radical skepticism makes it unlikely that this influence will be sustained. It is also suggested that anthropology will continue to be characterized by the lack of a hegemonic paradigm. R. Jaramillo




source: Sociological Abstracts Inc. (paper version)


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