After the fact: two countries, four decades, one anthropologist
Cambridge/Ma./USA 1995: Harvard University Press


(by Clifford Geertz)




Published as one of the Jerusalem-Harvard Lectures, sponsored by the Hebrew U of Jerusalem (Israel) & Harvard U Press (Cambridge, MA), this book presents an in-depth anthropological view of life over four decades in two provincial towns: Pare, no more than a bend in the road in Indonesia; & Sefour, an outpost in Morocco. Over the four decades, not only the towns but also the field of anthropology changed, not to mention the world at large. Thus this study is basically unclassifiable as a scientific work. Rather, it is a personal history, & a retrospective reflection on this world in the social, political, & cultural spheres. The author's perspective also changes - reflecting first the postcolonial period, then the cold war, & finally the emergence of new states in Asia & Africa - in this book of 6 Chpts. (1) Towns. (2) Countries. (3) Cultures. (4) Hegemonies. (5) Disciplines. (6) Modernities. References are encompassed in Chpt Notes. 
J. W. Stanton



source: Sociological Abstracts Inc. (paper version)


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