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(3) Professor Clifford Geertz received the prestigious "On the Shoulders of Our Ancestors: It's Turtles All the Way Down Award" at the "American Indian Studies Research Institute" in April, 1998; source:  http://faculty.juniata.edu/wagonerp/reasons.htm
photographer © 1998: unknown; URL: unknown.

(4) "Clifford Geertz in the early 70ties"; source: http://www.student.euv-frankfurt-o.de/~euv-5489/biographie2.html
(photographer © 1973: unknown).

(3) "Geertz in the 80-ties"; source not reconstructed;
photographer © 1987 unknown; 
URL: unknown.

(6) Clifford Geertz (center), was honored by the Indonesian government at a reception March 12, 02 at the IAS. With Geertz are Ambassad. Makmur Widodo (left) and Institute Director Phillip A. Griffiths (right); photographer © 2002  not mentioned; source:  http://www.ias.edu/Newsroom/announcements/Uploads/geertz.jpg.

(7) "CLIFFORD GEERTZ" [EH KARTANEGARA/ TEMPO; 28B/77/84; 990407];  Photographer ©  1984 E. H. Kartanegara;  source: http://photo.tempo.co.id.

(8) "1999 Haskins Lecturer Clifford Geertz (at right) with President D'Arms and Rockefeller Foundation President Gordon Conway"; photographer ©  1999 not mentioned; online/ content source: http://www.acls.org/ex99am2.jpg.

(9) "Antropolog Clifford Geertz"  [TEMPO/Rully Kesuma; 28d/228/99; 99/12/29]; Photographer © 1999 
Rully Kesuma
source: http://photo.tempo.co.id/.

(10) "Clifford Geertz di Yogyakarta" (1984). 
[TEMPO/ EH Kartanegara; 28B/077/1984; 20030825];
Photographer © 1984 E. H. Kartanegara; source: http://photo.tempo.co.id/.

(11) CLIFFORD GEERTZ, WAJAH  [RULLY KESUMA; 28D/229/99; 99/12/29]; Photographer © 1999 Rully Kesuma source: http://photo.tempo.co.id/.

(12) CLIFFORD GEERTZ, WAJAH  [RULLY KESUMA; 28D/228/99; 99/12/29]
Photographer © 1999 Rully Kesuma;
source: http://photo.tempo.co.id/.

(13) "CLIFFORD GEERTZ, interviewed by
Allan McFarlane"; source: http://www.alanmacfarlane.com/ancestors/geertz.htm
(photographer © Alan McFarlane, 2001).

(14) Clifford Geertz, source: IAS  
(photo © see: IAS, fa-geertz-tiff; 2006).

(15) "Clifford Geertz"; source: http://www.nytimes.com/2006/11/01/
Photographer © Laura Pedrick 1988.

(16) "Clifford Geertz";  source: IAS, http://www.ias.edu/midcom-serveattachmentguid-
(Photographer ©  (unknown) 2002 Annual Reviews)

(17) "Clifford Geertz & his [later] wife 
(1987-2006; = Dr. Karen Blu)
, Japan 1984, in: http://www.ias.edu/midcom-serveattachmentguid-
. ("Tokyo park with cherry blossoms"
Photographer © 1984: unknown).

(18) Clifford Geertz (2007): "Remembering Cliff" 
(= from "After the Fact" & after
"Available Light"); 

source: "http://www.ias.edu/midcom-serveattachmentguid-
© 1984: unknown).

(19) "Clifford Geertz (kneeling at left), seminar on 
"Meaning in Anthropology" 1974 at the 
School of American Research, Santa Fe, New Mexico."

source: http://www.ias.edu/midcom-serveattachmentguid-

(Photographer © 1974: unknown).

(20) "Clifford Geertz wearing the Bintang Jasa Utama"
(First Class Merit Star) of the Republic of Indonesia, 2002.

source: http://www.ias.edu/midcom-serveattachmentguid-

(Photographer © 1984: unknown).

(21) "Clifford Geertz at an Antioch College Reunion"

(Photographer © 2003: not noted).